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The Bachelor programme in Earth Sciences, taught in German, provides a broad curriculum centered on modern Earth Science issues. It consists of a lectures, exercises and field trip spread out over 3 years. In the last semester, the students can start developing research skills by doing a BSc project.

Bachelor programme at the Department of Earth Sciences


A selection of courses from the Bachelor in Earth Sciences.

Autumn Semesters

Number Unit Lecturer
651-3001-00L Dynamic Earth I  G. Bernasconi-Green,
T. R. R. Bontognali,
A. Gilli,
G. Haug,
E. Kissling,
U. Kradolfer,
M. W. Schmidt,
M. Schönbächler
651-3301-00L Crystals and Minerals  P. Brack,
E. Reusser
651-3501-00L Isotope Geochemistry and Isotope Geology  S. Bernasconi,
D. Vance
651-3503-00L Metamorphism  M. W. Schmidt
651-3505-00L Mineral Resources  C. A. Heinrich,
R. Kündig,
W. Leu,
F. Schenker

Spring Semesters

Number Unit Lecturer
651-3002-00L Dynamic Earth II  J.-P. Burg,
T. R. R. Bontognali,
G. Haug
651-3002-01L Field Trips Within the Lecture Dynamic Earth   M. W. Schmidt,
P. Brack,
N. Mancktelow,
E. Reusser
651-3078-00L Geology of Switzerland  P. Brack
651-3400-00L Geochemistry  M. Schönbächler,
D. Vance
651-3402-00L Magmatism and Volcanism  P. Ulmer
651-3602-00L Microscopy of Rocks  M. W. Schmidt,
M. G. Fellin,
N. Mancktelow,
V. Picotti
651-3620-00L Geology of the Alps  N. Mancktelow,
E. Kissling,
V. Picotti,
E. Reusser
651-4004-00L Organic Geochemistry and the Global Carbon Cycle  T. I. Eglinton
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