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The Master curriculum, taught in English, allows a more in-depth approach on the most important Earth Science topics. It also consists of a Master project, which involves at least 6 month of dedicated research on a specific topic.

Master programmes at the Department of Earth Sciences


A selection of courses from the Master in Earth Sciences.

Spring Semesters

Number Unit Lecturer
651-4030-00L Crystalline Geology of the Alps  E. Reusser
651-4032-00L Volcanology  O. Bachmann
651-4032-01L Volcanology Field Course  M. W. Schmidt,
O. Bachmann,
B. H. Mattsson
651-4040-00L Alpine Field Course  E. Reusser,
P. Brack,
P. Ulmer
651-4098-00L Computational Techniques in Petrology  L. Tajcmanová
651-4219-00L The Mineralogy of Steelmaking  C. Liebske
651-4226-00L Geochemical and Isotopic Tracers of the Earth System  D. Vance
651-4228-00L Topics in Planetary Sciences  M. Schönbächler,
H. Busemann,
A. Khan,
P. Tackley

Autumn Semesters

Number Unit Lecturer
651-0254-00L Seminar Geochemistry and Petrology  M. Schönbächler,
O. Bachmann,
C. A. Heinrich,
M. W. Schmidt,
D. Vance
651-3001-AAL Dynamic Earth I and II  E. Kissling,
M. Schönbächler
651-3400-AAL Fundamentals of Geochemistry  T. Driesner,
O. Bachmann
651-4049-00L Conceptual and Quantitative Methods in Geochemistry  D. Vance,
O. Bachmann,
M. Ellwood,
M. Schönbächler
651-4055-00L Analytical Methods in Petrology and Geology  E. Reusser,
S. Bernasconi,
M. Wälle,
L. Zehnder
651-4069-00L Fluid and Melt Inclusions: Theory and Practice  T. Driesner,
C. A. Heinrich
651-4082-00L Fluids and Mineral Deposits  C. A. Heinrich,
T. Driesner,
A. Quadt Wykradt-Hüchtenbruck,
J. P. Weis,
M. Wälle
651-4086-00L Experimental Methods in Petrology  C. Liebske
651-4221-00L Numerical Modelling of Ore Forming Hydrothermal Processes  T. Driesner,
D. Zezin
651-4229-00L Advanced Geochronology  A. Quadt Wykradt-Hüchtenbruck,
H. Busemann,
B. Ellis,
M. Guillong,
A. Liati
651-4233-00L Geotectonic Environments and Deep Global Cycles  P. Ulmer,
M. W. Schmidt
651-4931-00L Heat and Mass Transfers in Magmatology  O. Bachmann
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