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Thursday, 4 May 2017

GeoPetro seminar - Dogma vs discovery in resource geology: Examples from porphyry Cu-Au systems

The high degree of variability in Nature commonly results in unexpected geological features, despite…
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Speaker: Prof. Jeffrey Hedenquist, Department of Earth Sciences, University of Ottawa

ETH Zurich, main campus NO  C 6 

Thursday, 11 May 2017

GeoPetro seminar - TBA

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Speaker: Dr. Mario Fischer-Gödde, University of Muenster

ETH Zurich, main campus NO  C 6 

Latest news

A selection of articles from ETH and the Department of Earth Sciences news.


Little Ice Age displaced the tropical rain belt

Even small changes in global temperature can trigger a migration of the tropical rain belt. This can also lead to climate change, as described by a team of researchers from ETH Zurich and other universities. Read more 


Sunbathing meteoroids

When a meteoroid travels in space, solar radiation leaves distinctive imprints on its outer layer. Together with colleagues, ETH researcher Antoine Roth has developed novel analytical techniques to detect these imprints, allowing the team to reconstruct meteorites’ space journeys. Read more 


The dream of building bridges

The French geologist Matthieu Galvez is one of the winners of the Branco Weiss Fellowship 2016. We discuss how he will be using this fellowship, how it will benefit him and why he chose a career as a researcher. Read more 


New professors appointed

The ETH Board appointed three new professors and awarded the title of Professor to five recipients upon application of ETH President Lino Guzzella Read more 


Earth is bombarded at random

Asteroids don’t hit our planet at regular intervals, as was previously thought. Earth scientists from ETH Zurich and Lund University in Sweden have reached this conclusion after analysing impact craters formed in the last 500 million years, concentrating on precisely dated events. Read more 

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