Dietrich, Volker, Prof.

Volker Dietrich

ETH Zürich
Prof. Dr. Volker Dietrich
Schmidt, Max
NW E 81.2
Clausiusstrasse 25
8092 Zuerich

Phone: +41 44 632 37 79

Volker Dietrich has been a lecturer in Petrography at the ETH Zurich Institute of Mineralogy and Petrology since 1972. In 1981 he was given the title of Professor. He is active in numerous national and international projects in the areas of applied mineralogy; the petrography of magmatic rocks and volcanology.

Professor Dietrich was born on June 1, 1940 in Berlin, Germany, and studied earth sciences at the TU Berlin and at the ETH Zurich. In 1969 he received his doctorate from the ETH Zurich under Professors Gansser and Quervain and was awarded the ETH Zurich silver medal. During a two-year stay at the State University of New York, Albany, as a postdoc, he was appointed visiting assistant professor of mineralogy and petrology. In 1972 he qualified as a lecturer (habilitation) at the ETH Zurich; was a lecturer at the University of Neuchâtel in 1974-75; and a guest professor at the University of Washington, Seattle in 1978.

Professor Dietrich's research focuses on magmatic rocks, its origin and utility as a mineral raw material; rocks of the oceanic crust of the greater oceans and the Mediterranean; relicts of oceanic crust within the Alpine Orogen (ophiolites); magmatic processes in volcanic island arcs (e.g. the Aegean, Greece). His latest research is into volcanic gases and hydrothermal waters and their effect on the atmosphere. In addition to these tasks, Professor Dietrich is president of the Foundation "Vulkaninstitut Immanuel Friedländer".


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